SmartSkin CO2 in Paradise

Paradise Medspa and Wellness is excited to announce the addition of Fractional CO2 laser technology, utilizing the SmartSkin CO2 system, to help our patients achieve their anti-aging goals! This state-of-the-art technology dramatically improves the signs of aging with minimal downtime and as little as ONE treatment session! Patients report looking 5-10 years younger!
With an average of only 1-2 treatments, the majority of patients report that their skin looks smoother and tighter than it has in years!*

**Please note that results may vary from patient-to-patient and cannot be guaranteed.

Treat advanced signs of aging

Treat deep wrinkles, significant photo damage, keratoses, solar lentigines, poor skin texture and a wide variety of other challenging skin conditions, including acne scars.


Unique Microablative technology

With Microablative technology and Cynosure’s proprietary scanning delivery system, you can receive two treatments in one — skin resurfacing and collagen rejuvenation. The versatility of the settings also allows us to customize the treatment parameters to meet your aesthetic and downtime expectations.


Best Pricing in the Valley!

Compare our pricing with other, similar, laser services available in the Valley and you will find that we offer the very best pricing for this AMAZING technology starting as low as $800 per session*!


Want more information?

Call our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Weiss at 602-266-8144. *Pricing varies per body area.

Before & After

*Please note that results may vary from patient-to-patient and cannot be guaranteed.